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  • TopOfCool’s Inaugural Address

    Posted on December 16th, 2004 Finster 3 comments

    Welcome to Originally, this was going to be a website dedicated to anime reviews. Well, the site sat here for about a year and nothing happened. So, I’ve decided to set up a movable type installation and start publishing a blog. Everyone’s doing it I suppose.

    My main impetus for starting this up has been passionate feelings on various subjects, especially politics. I am what many would consider “conservative.” I actually support the War in Iraq and think that the President is doing the right thing over there. That seems to be a rebellious view these days, with many Bush supporters even saying things like, “I like Dubya. I just don’t know if this Iraq thing is being handled well.” I may post more thoughts on this later.

    I’m also an avid U2 fan, and have been covering the escapades of Bono. I’ve been especially interested in his AIDS work in Africa. I think he genuinely wants to help and unlike many African issues activists, is actually doing substantive things to try and help the situation there. This is probably due to what I consider the strangest thing of all: world leaders are actually listening to him. I do have a few issues with Bono’s plans, however. I’ll probably be discussing that in the weeks to come.

    Yes, I have been known to play video games from time to time. Yes, I tried to sit through the SpikeTV Video Game Awards. And yes, I only made it through about 30 minutes before wanting to kick myself. It was awful. I don’t really need to say much more than that. It’s already been said.

    Well, stick around. You might be in for a wild ride at We’ll see what happens…


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    • This looks really classy. I’m liking it. I don’t know if you are going to change it, but it’s cool for the time being.

    • RadioActive Chief

      So there’s some way to keep up with you now?

      Where are you hosting this thing? I’ve been toying with the idea of doing this myself – I’ve been looking at – any better suggestions?

    • is pretty good. It’s pretty complete and allows a lot of customization. I toyed with that a bit, but I had this domain registered and set up, so I uploaded the Movable Type [] package and installed it. It uses Perl and PHP, and since I know Perl, figured I could have a little more control over things. is really nice, and offers free hosting with when you set up a profile.