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  • Xbox 360. Meh.

    Posted on May 13th, 2005 Finster No comments

    So, the ourcolony ending video.

    In contrast to the MTV Xbox crap (which reminds me of a certain SpikeTV video game debacle), this video is much more interesting and informative. It’s still an ad, but at least it has something interesting to say.

    three things:
    1) J. Allard’s gamertag is HiroProtaganist. Snow Crash reference for the win.
    2) Heh heh heh, Mei-Mei Bong. Coolest name for a Microsoft employee ever.
    3) I’m a little tired of this whole “OMG! Xbox 360 puts gamers at the center! You are in control!” Oh really. Am I in control enough to use a homebrew media player package? Uh… guess not. Am I in control enough to run Linux or another OS on my Xbox? Hmm. Nope. The video is basically screaming for people to mod their Xboxes, but I’ll eat 50 turnips if Microsoft will digitally sign anyone’s homebrew code, like the top-notch Xbox Media Center. Just ticks me off…

    Here’s what else:

    My dilemma is this. I’ve just moved somewhere that doesn’t have any broadband access. No cable. No DSL. There are wireless ISP’s, but the equipment costs are enormous. So, basically, I see little need to get the Xbox360. It seems to center so much around Xbox Live, it’ll be difficult to find games that have good single-player. At least, at launch anyway.

    No broadband = No need to buy Xbox360 for a while.

    Perhaps it is a strange way of looking at it. I’m trying to make the point that for people who don’t have broadband, and don’t have HD, there is little drive to purchase the Xbox360. Especially when I have a whole bunch of non-Live games yet to enjoy for Xbox1. I’m looking on the horizon for quality single-player experiences on Xbox360, and I’m not seeing much. Blue Dragon looks cool, but won’t be out for some time. Halo 3? Without Live, I can wait a while before buying the next single-player chapter. Halo 2.5? I would buy it in 0.2 seconds flat… if I had a broadband connection. Now? Meh.

    Actually, the new Nintendo console looks more attractive as it will do everything the Xbox360 does, has all the hardware that the 360 has (with an additional CPU core), and will be backwards compatible with GCN games, which is a whole stable of games I have yet to really delve into. *shrug* My excitement is muted at best.

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