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  • Gamespy is stupid: BitTorrent NOT shut down

    Posted on May 27th, 2005 Finster 1 comment

    Contrary to what Gamespy is reporting, BitTorrent is not shut down. See.

    Gamespy’s reporter is writing about the shut down of a single torrent site. The BitTorrent client and technology are very much still active. This writer is just an idiot. Or maybe it’s the editor, who knows over there anymore.

    CNN reported today that Federal agents have launched a campaign on users of BitTorrent Software used to steal data files from the internet.

    This is also erroneous. The campaign was NOT against bittorrent users. It was against the pirate websites that post torrents to things such as “Episode III” before they’re released.

    “Our goal is to shut down as much of this illegal operation as quickly as possible to stem the serious financial damage to the victims of this high-tech piracy — the people who labor to produce these copyrighted materials,” said John Richter, acting assistant attorney general in the Justice Department.

    You know what this proves? George Lucas has control of the Justice Department. Here’s how I imagine it going down.

    George Lucas: OMFG! Episode III is on teh intarweb? People can see it without paying $10 a ticket? RICK! TO THE SKYWALKER CAVE! We’ve got to call the President!

    Rick McCallum: As you command, Master.

    George Lucas: President? It’s important that you stem the serious financial damage this is wreaking upon my empir^H^H^H^H^H I mean, my legitimate business. I’M A VICTIM!!!!111oneone

    UPDATE: Apparently, Gamespy has now altered the headline to more correctly say, “Bittorrent site shut down” instead of, “Bittorrent shut down.” So, kudos to Gamespy for correcting their HEADLINE to be more correct… now if only they would leave their game reviews alone. Note that they have still not corrected the erroneous content of the article itself.

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