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  • Jack Thompson: Rampage!

    Posted on August 8th, 2005 Finster 1 comment

    The Buttonmasher has a great post highlighting this Economist article on video game violence which sums up the FACTS on this whole video game violence thing.

    In a corollary, El Buttonmasher posted a great link to this email flame war between VGCats and the one and only Jack Thompson, professional idiot.

    My favorite part is where Jack Thompson goes off on this whole “I get death threats so I don’t have time to respons to you.” Then, the very next email he sends:

    From: “Jack Thompson”

    dear idiot: you initially contacted me. stop, or else. got it?

    Wow. This is Jack Thompson, folks.


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    • The guy is nuts, isn’t he? He’s not making any headway, either. Devin Moore was just convicting of murder. So much for “GTA made me do it”!