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  • The Latest on SG-1: The Alliance

    Posted on August 12th, 2005 Finster No comments

    This news was so depressing to me I didn’t know how to comment. I am unapologetically a Stargate fanboy. Have been ever since the original movie.

    In case anyone hasn’t been bothering to read the news linked on every other gaming site, The Stargate game’s publisher, JoWood, announced that SG-1: The Alliance was being cancelled due to lack of quality on the part of the developer, Perception. I was so sad.

    I knew the Ancients were still watching over us when I read this press release direct from the developer:

    Development on the game will continue uninterrupted at Perception’s Sydney studio. Perception is committed to giving fans the best gaming experience possible.

    Oh, and Perception is suing the pants off JoWood (and rightly so if their claims are true.)

    Ben Lenzo, CEO of Perception said, “We view it as unfortunate that JoWooD would elect to make such misleading and libelous comments to the media and the marketplace. Over the last 9 months, JoWooD has openly acknowledged being in breach of contract in a number of areas including many legal and confidentiality breaches as well as several financial defaults for work performed by Perception and accepted by JoWooD.”

    JoWood reminds me of the g’oauld, and Perception’s Jaffa decided they weren’t taking this crap from their false gods.

    Anyway, I plan to follow this one and will let you know what happens.

    I would also like to add that if EA becomes the publisher for this game… I will cry.

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