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  • Open Letter to Sony

    Posted on August 22nd, 2005 Finster No comments

    This guy at lockergnomes posted an open letter to Sony regarding the PSP, Memory Sticks, and UMD movies.

    Of note:

    I have two suggestions for you: (1) Sell PSP movies / shows at $5 a pop; and/or (2) bundle UMDs with your regular DVD cases as value-adds. . . . The second deserves your full attention. You’ll fuel countless more PSP sales by bundling the UMD with another media purchase.

    That’s actually a really good idea. If Sony included UMD’s with their vast DVD catalog, it would probably go a long way towards bolstering PSP sales. Plus, it has the added bonus of making Sony not look like a pack of wild idiots. So, probably would never happen.

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