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  • Nintendo Controllers blah blah blah

    Posted on September 21st, 2005 Finster No comments

    I haven’t really kept up with the gaming blog community in the past month. Haven’t had a lot of time. Big news? Yeah. Big news that will directly affect me in the near future? Nope.

    It’s great that Nintendo finally released their innovative controller. Fantastic. I won’t care until I know prices and the console has approached something close to being on the market.

    I more or less have decided I’m not buying an Xbox 360 for AT LEAST a year, unless the “home-brew” (a euphemism for emulation and cracking) community manages to crack the Xbox 360 quickly and effectively. I somehow doubt that. Rumors are that the 360 will include some scheme for detecting case intrusions, and then cause the console to never power up without repair service. I have no reliable source to back that up, but the rumor is out there, nevertheless.

    PS3? As sexy as Metal Gear Solid 4 looks, I probably won’t be getting a PS3 when it’s released, either. I can only afford to buy so many consoles this generation, and I won’t be allocating a next-gen console purchase to the console which has the least attractive launch lineup. Granted, we are at least 6 months from a PS3 launch, but the Xbox 360’s launch lineup is FAR more attractive to me.

    The big question mark right now is Nintendo. Are they going to sneak into the next-gen market with a $200 console, or will they be closer to MS and Sony as far as pricing? I don’t know. I can tell you this, if the Nintendo console is MILDLY affordable, I’m buying it on release day. Primarily because I don’t have a Gamecube and I will then gain access to the Gamecube’s quality-filled game catalog.

    So yeah. There you go.

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