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  • A Revolution In Fact

    Posted on December 7th, 2005 Finster 1 comment

    More information was outed concerning the Revolutions specs. I know, I know. IGN. I don’t trust them, either, but it does make for interesting discussion.

    If what IGN is saying is true, then the Revolution will truly be revolutionary, as it will eschew all conventional wisdom we have about the video game market. By creating a console that will debut at $149 (or even the insane price of $99), Nintendo has tossed aside the belief that the next-gen must be bigger, louder, and in High Def. It’s hard to say which strategy will win out, but one has to wonder which console parents will want to get.

    I have to wonder if it will be split down economic lines, with rich kids buying Xbox 360’s and PS3’s, and poor kids buying Nintendo. Can Nintendo really make the Revolution viable with such a strategy? Of course, this type of discussion ignores the quality of games that will be released on each console. But I gotta say… there isn’t much on the Xbox 360 that appeals to me, right now. There’s lots of promise for the future, but when I look at the options, I can choose a $400 console with good games and HD (which I do not currently have, anyway), or I can choose a $99-$149 console with good games and no HD.

    My inner geek loves what the Xbox 360 and PS3 are. Video gaming supercomputers from the future! But the Nintendo appeals to my raw consumerism. Best bang for my buck!

    Who knows, maybe when the Xbox3 and PS4 come out, I’ll have a big HDTV, and I’ll actually care. Then again, maybe I won’t have a TV at all…


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    • Hmm well I suppose my previous statements on this issue were wrong because they were based on the assumption that the hw that wasn’t the GPU would be rather more powerful. Which basically ruins my theory about the price/power trade off. A faster GPU would cause a more significant price increase, in percentage terms.
      (Of course, IGN could be talking bollocks)

      The biggest winner out of a low powered Nintendo console methinks would be MS. Japanese developers will now pretty much have to use MS as a counterwieght to Sony in the ‘powerful hw’ niche.