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  • Revolution vs. PS3… or not

    Posted on March 17th, 2006 Finster No comments

    So, I noticed an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto (master of all things Nintendo) at The Guardian’s Games blog.

    There were a few questions about the DS and online gaming, but what struck me was this:

    Do you have any comments on the PlayStation 3 announcement?
    Any announcement about PS3 will affect Nintendo. But we don’t see it as a competition between the two consoles, although the customers always do. It depends on what expectations people have of the PS3 and Revolution. Sony has taken a long time to create their machine but it is obvious that the direction we (Nintendo) are taking is different to the PS3.

    I don’t always understand Miyamoto’s direction, but this I get. And I get it because of my expectations of what the PS3 and Revolution will be. From Sony, I expect a no-holds-barred media device that will play everything but the kitchen sink. I expect another Playstation and everything that being another Playstation implies. Good JRPG’s and seemingly endless shovelware as far as the eye can see. From Nintendo, my expectations are a bit higher. I expect a device that isn’t necessarily the highest-end hardware, but will have some really great games. In essence, I expect to have a DS-like console that sits at home. There will be strange interfaces, but really great games.

    I don’t see myself ever buying a PS3. I didn’t buy a PS2 until I had the opportunity to do so for $50. It’s just not worth much more than that to me. If someone handed me a free PS3, I wouldn’t turn them away… I mean, come on. Ebay FTW. The Revolution, OTOH, I can see myself buying. So, for me, Miyamoto is right. There is no competition between Sony and Nintendo in my home. Sony’s device doesn’t appeal to gamers like me. (All 2 of them.)

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