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  • Worst Name Ever

    Posted on April 27th, 2006 Finster 2 comments

    I just typed the title to this post using the comic book guy’s voice from The Simpsons.


    The Nintendo “Revolution” is being named the Wii?

    I’m trying to contact’s Japanese correspondent to see if Wii actually means something interesting in another language.

    Update: Wii means nothing in Japanese. So, it’s official. Worst. Name. Ever.

    Update 2: Apparently, in the UK, “to take a wee” is popular vernacular for “urinate”. Next time, Nintendo, just call it the Puu.



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    • Yes, it is Wii.

      There is really only one response you can give something like this:


    • I heard it was called the Wii because its a console that brings people together (wii = we)..

      since this thread is a year old, im pretty sure everyones used to the name now, anyways 😉

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