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  • The Best News doesn’t come from Journalists

    Posted on March 31st, 2009 Finster No comments has a great summary of the “Video Game Journalism” panel at GDC 2009. Doc’s comments from the video game journalism peanut gallery do a great job of putting these guys and gals in their place.

    Essentially you have N’Gai, Leigh Alexander, Adam Sessler (already this sounds like the setup to a bad joke), Stephen Totillo and “Smartbomb’s” author Heather Chaplin, all of whom competed to use enormous words and poetic verse to out-do each other in ranting the day away about “the industry.”

    I get pretty tired of all of these individuals. I’d really appreciate it if every last one of them would shut their traps and turn off their laptops for a while.

    Although, I think this is the kind of thing that isn’t unique to game journalism. Look at the wide-sweeping failure of journalism in all industries. Newspapers are going bankrupt daily, magazine subscriptions have been dropping for years, and the best TV journalism can do is a half-hour show on Comedy Central.

    Meanwhile, normal people are getting their news from bloggers, podcasters, and twitter. The unwashed masses are getting their news from… the unwashed masses.