You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.
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  • About Us originally started when we were tired of reviews coming from the anime community that were long on fanboy gush and short on useful review content. We did a few token reviews at first, but the site sat here for a while since none of us had the time to review the anime in a way that we felt would do readers justice.

    Since I spend more time playing video games than watching anime, has more or less turned into a defacto video games blog. Well… and whatever else we decide to write on.

    It should also be noted that we use a somewhat… esoteric rating system for stuff that we review. We basically call it our Top Of Cool system. Stuff generally falls into 3 categories for us. Cool, Average, or Suck. We then generally rank it within that category as to whether it is Top, Middle, or Bottom.

    For instance, for Finster, Halo 2 is considered as Top Of Cool, and horrific anime like Tokyo Underground is considered Bottom of Suck. If something is Average, yet still somewhat redeemable, then it might garner a Top Of Average rating.

    Basically, this is the rating system that our little cabal has been using for quite some time, and have now brought it online for the betterment of everyone.