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  • Defeating the DiggBar…

    Posted on April 11th, 2009 Finster No comments

    from-the-internetI ran into this little snippet at Daring Fireball:

    Last week Digg released something they call the DiggBar, which serves as both a new interface for Digg and doubles as a URL shortening service. The way it works is that you just add “” at the beginning of any URL, and Digg creates a short URL in the form of Here’s an example DiggBar URL that points to Further, the Digg homepage now links to these DiggBar URLs rather than linking directly to other web sites.

    But unlike normal URL shortening services, when you load these Digg URLs, rather than redirect you to the original URL, Digg loads a page which frames the content of the original site. As a user, what you see is that the URL in your browser’s location field remains, and the content of the destination site loads underneath a Digg-branded toolbar.

    Obviously, this is a problem.

    I’ve gone ahead and implemented Daring Fireball’s 3 lines of PHP code on my site here. You can see my results:

    Begone, DiggNation.

    UPDATE: Apparently, Digg has not set up the diggBar so that Digg doesn’t show up as the HTTP_REFERER. Therefore, I’ve had to unleash the nuclear option and added some javascript to block all framing whatsoever. Not really what I wanted to do, but until I come up with another solution, it will have to do.

  • Personal Achievement Unlocked: 20k Gamerscore

    Posted on April 10th, 2009 Finster No comments

    xbox360-achievement-bushshoeAt the end of March I broke the 20k barrier for gamerscore. I know that’s not an impressive feat these days, but personally, I feel like it’s kind of an accomplishment. I’ve had my 360 for about 3 years now!


  • AP: Youtube Knowledge Fail

    Posted on April 9th, 2009 Finster No comments

    In response to this, I am posting the following:

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  • New Video for Star Wars: The Old Republic pisses off Joystiq writer

    Posted on April 8th, 2009 Finster No comments

    Joystiq posted the above video this morning with the following screed:

    Hey Star Wars: The Old Republic, want to know the best way to suck the excitement out of your upcoming space opera MMORPG? Show us a bunch of still pictures not taken from the game, while a guy who sounds like Sam Elliott’s less commanding brother, Denny, tells us a super boring story about galactic diplomacy.

    Seriously, if the video was capped by a young Jack Palance playing a guitar solo while he kills a bunch of guys with a lightsaber (that’s also an electric guitar), it still wouldn’t be enough to wake us from our coma. Can we all agree to leave boring in books, where it belongs?


    Wow. If there were a way for Joystiq to sound less intelligent, I’m not sure what it would be. “Don’t talk about diplomacy and intrigue… I just want more asploding! WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!”

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  • I gave up hope on Star Ocean: The Last Hope

    Posted on April 6th, 2009 Finster No comments

    star_ocean_the_last_hope__13_I tried out Star Ocean: The Last Hope a few days and was kind of underwhelmed. I only spent about 30 minutes before getting royally ticked off at the combat system.

    The first combat experience they give you with Star Ocean combat in this iteration of the venerable Squeenix franchise is a battle tutorial that teaches you the various moves that you’ll be able to use throughout the game. The problem is that this combat is NOT indicative of the combat once you actually get into the game.

    I didn’t find this out until I had decided that this combat “isn’t FOR ME” and had pretty much moved onto other things. Later, a friend of mine informed me that the combat is much different than the what the tutorial area would lead me to believe. After watching him play a few combats it was obvious combat wasn’t as horrible as I was expecting.

    In the interest of full disclosure I should let you know that I generally prefer turn-based combat to real-time, at least in the scope of Japanese-style RPG’s. Unfortunately for gamers like me, there really hasn’t been a lot of compelling turn-based games in recent history aside from Lost Odyssey.

    So, after seeing how combat REALLY plays out in Star Ocean: TLH, I’ve gotten back into it and actually started playing the story a bit. Based on the demo my friend had given me, which was at about the 10 hour mark, the story does seem truly compelling. We’ll see.