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  • Jobs rejects Cell Processor

    Posted on June 13th, 2005 Finster 2 comments

    So, according to the NYT (who never make anything up, by the way) Steve Jobs had a meeting with Kutaragi from Sony, in which the Cell processor was flatly rejected as a replacement for the PowerPC chips.

    Kutaragi tried to interest Jobs in adopting the Cell microprocessor, which is being developed by IBM for use in the coming PlayStation 3, in exchange for access to certain Sony technologies. Jobs rejected the idea, telling Kutaragi that he was disappointed with the Cell design, which he believed would be even less effective than the Power PC.

    Okay, all two people reading this blog probably already know this news, but the point of this post is to predict what’s going to happen now.

    I predict that there’s going to be a lot of talk about how this must mean that the Cell processor is crap and Sony sucks, and blah blah blah. Behold the awesome power that can be unleashed by the unexpected cross over of Steve Jobs cultists with non-Sony fanboys. Scary, huh.

    Jobs does seem to have a knack for knowing when a product will succeed or fail. I admit I was skeptical about the iPod and whether it was going to be as ubiquitous as Jobs was claiming. Well, he was right. I see the damn things everywhere now. I even have one. (I got it for free, BTW.)

    There’s also anecdotal evidence that he appeared at a meeting with Jeff Bezos (of Amazon) and they were shown the infamous It. (Not Pennywise the Clown, but the Segway scooter thing.) Jobs first reaction was, “It sucks.” And sure enough, the Segway certainly has not changed the world. I think I saw one the other day though.

    Anyway, If Jobs says the Cell sucks…. Putting aside everything you see in the “Pirates of Silicon Valley” miniseries, the guy knows his designs, and when it comes down to brass tacks, he’s practical.

    On the other hand, I’m surprised he’s been using PowerPC chips as long as he has. I believe that if it wasn’t for his built-in religious zealot-like hatred of Wintel, he would’ve made the switch much earlier.

    Here’s the most important thing to remember: If Jobs’ rejection of the Cell chip was made out of hatred for IBM, then this news means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


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    • Hmm well we should consider that the Cell is made for an entirely different type of program that x86 chips are made for, it will prolly run games at about the same level as all the other next gen CPUs, but they all would be crap at running your average PC application.
      Additionally intel make a range of CPUs (server, low/high-end desktop, and mobile) which are far more suited to their markets than a single chip could ever be.
      Not to mention Apple would have to design a chipset for the Cell if they wanted to use it, which is a big hunk of money right there.

    • “well we should consider that the Cell is made for an entirely different type of program that x86 chips are made for”

      Not true, my friend.

      Sony/IBM have been planning Cell workstations from the get-go.