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  • 100,000 UMD movies sold… also, people are stupid

    Posted on June 22nd, 2005 Finster 2 comments

    I can’t believe this.

    Okay, everyone gather around. We need to have a talk.

    There’s a certain time in everyone’s life when things begin to change. You may start to wonder what your real place in life is. You may be scared and confused by this large, brilliant display that the PSP has. All those DVD movies that you love… sitting there on your shelf… refusing to be played on your new PSP.

    When you see instructions on how to convert DVD’s to something the PSP can play, feelings of anger and fear may overcome you as you consider that it might take more than an MTV commercial break to read the directions.

    You find various software that will convert video to play on your PSP. Some free. Some not free. Don’t worry, this kind of confusion is normal at this stage in your life.

    When you get a little older, you’ll realize some things. You’ll realize it’s stupid to buy a copy of Time Bandits on UMD when you have the DVD version sitting right there on your shelf. Just waiting to be converted and copied to your Sony Memory Stick. You may also understand that the going retail price for UMD movies is sometimes MORE expensive than the equivalent DVD version.

    But for now, just remember that you won’t always be stupid.


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    • I’m not clear why anyone would pay $30 for a UMD when the same DVD is likely selling for half that somewhere else. I rarely pay more than $10 for a DVD anyway, picking them up on sale, used, and whatnot.

      100,000 really isn’t that many considering the numbers of PSP’s that are likely out there by now. But you are right, if the UMD format is successful at its current price range it will only be due to people being stupid.

    • Not only that, but why am I going to pay $25-30 for a movie I already own?

      The PSP has never really appealed to me anyways. Pretty much every game is available on the PS2 already, and since I don’t exactly travel a lot, non-innovative handheld games server no purpose in my collection.

      If you look around right now, everyone that owns a PSP is all about emulating classic games and general hacking of the system. No buzz on hot new games coming out because there aren’t any. It’s a glorified gadget.