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  • LAN Party, Ho!

    Posted on July 15th, 2005 Finster 2 comments

    Here I am at the current UV Gamers LAN party in Orem, UT.

    I was going to try live blogging this LAN party, but I decided it would not be a very interesting liveblog, as my “Waiting in line for Episode III” liveblog was not very entertaining, either. Of course, none of these posts really entertain me, either…

    Anyway, a liveblog of a LAN party would likely consist of the following:

    9:05pm Well, after I won several rounds of UT2004, the group has collectively decided to switch to this group’s staple, Far Cry.

    9:46pm I’ve lost 10 rounds of Far Cry in a row. I hate Far Cry.

    4:21am I’m on my fifth Mountain Dew Amped. My fingernails are on fire, I think. Oh noes.

    So, there you go. Not sure if that would be something that all 2 of you would want to read.


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    • Well, that’s because it’s a bad way to liveblog.
      Try to introduce a narrative, like for example, make the entire LAN be centered on your valiant battle with The Prick, your archenemy, He Who Must Die.
      Of there might be a small problem that the LAN doesn’t actually have any form of narrative, or that the events at the LAN do not fit into the actual events retold, but truth is falsehood, deception is the ultimate honesty. :)

    • Wow, that’s really good advice, actually. Thanks!