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  • Serene is not what I’d call it

    Posted on September 30th, 2005 admin No comments

    Were I a screaming fanboy, I would be without words about this movie. I’m a fanboy of fewer words, so, naturally, I have a few to say.

    The movie is *wonderful*. The silent title has to be one of the most effective titles I’ve seen yet. I was similarly moved by Hitchhiker’s because of the theme, these titles have entirely different merits. Serenity’s title is a wonderful offset for the action previous to the title (this is if I’m remembering in the correct order…). It left an impact like a well placed dramatic effect ‘effect’. As was the series, the movie is jam packed with classic quotables. “Oh God, Oh God, we’re all going to die” is only the beginning, I’m ashamed of forgetting it already, but Captain Mal has a wonderful line just following that one. All of our favorite character interplays are there.

    As a side note, Simon, who had his cool moments in the series, becomes fully fledged ‘awesome’ for actions taken. Wash is still my favorite.

    Joss Whedon said that series are questions, and movies are answers. In this movie we find answers to questions some of us weren’t asking, the group I went with was in great dismay about the questions not answered, and the questions *raised* by this movie, but it still answers questions. These answers were thought provoking and well presented.

    I’m very sure I’m going to have more to say about this movie on subsequent viewings.

    Rating: Top of Cool

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