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  • The pursuit of liquid refreshment

    Posted on October 6th, 2005 admin 3 comments

    Today Fresca was holding a promotion on campus. Free Fresca is not something I’m going to pass someone up on, so I saunter over. To my surprise, there are two new varieties of Fresca… Peach and Black Cherry. I was familiar with their logo change some weeks ago at least, but these new ones had escaped my attention.

    A few words on these new flavors:

    Peach is peach, It tastes as peach mixed in to Fresca, while interesting, and still good, it isn’t something I’ll be drinking a lot.

    Black Cherry is incredible. The flavors mix wonderfully. From one can of it, I have no recourse but to place it in the same realms as I hold Fresca. A lofty achievement. Normally when Iry something new and interesting it takes a while to grow on me. This, on the other hand, is like the first time I mixed Raspberry & Cream cheese ice cream with English Toffee ice cream in a shake. An instant hit to my tastebuds, and something I return to because it’s unique flavor is something truly impressive.

    I am again reminded that I want an American company to bottle ginger beer, just so I can buy it for less than $1.70+tax a can. The same 12oz bottle for $1 as what I can get for birch beer would be excellent.


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    • Raspberry Cream Cheese and English Toffee? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised Mr. Sauerkraut Pizza.

    • And people’s reactions to both of those never cease to amuse me. ‘Sauerkraut Pizza? Ewww!’

      /me laughs heartily

    • How about cheeseballs with mustard. It’s good. Honest.

      Black Cherry anything is good. Black Cherry lard, Black Cherry cyanide, Black Cherry black cherrys….they’re all good. Mmmmmmmmmmmm….black cherry…. *drool*