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  • Microsoft follows the Sony business model…

    Posted on October 11th, 2005 Finster 2 comments

    Of ripping off consumers on accessories.

    Here is the Xbox 360 wi-fi adapter, which interestingly enough, plugs into USB. Those of you with PS2’s may recall the crap rip-off fest called the “Sony Broadband Adapter“.

    The wi-fi adapter from MS is retailing for $100. The Sony Network Adapter is currently retailing for $40. (I think it debuted at $50.)

    The best part about the PS2, is that it uses normal USB ports. Yes, there is a whole list of standard wi-fi ethernet adapters that work flawlessly for the PS2, none of which are sold by Sony. If the Xbox 360 is the same, then expect a similar list to materialize for it. Nice thing about that is, USB wi-fi and ethernet adapters are about $10 on ebay.

    So, unless MS includes some kind of bizarre encryption into the wireless adapter (which I doubt, because the Xbox 360 wi-fi adapter is more likely just re-branded MS broadband hardware), I’m going to slap anyone silly that forks out a C-note for this crap.


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    • $100 for wi-fi?! That’s ridiculous.

    • Indeed it is. I also read today the the 360 will support just about any USB keyboard plugged into it (similar to what happens when you plug in a USB keyboard for for Windows.) So, that is encouraging.

      Also, this crap coming from MS about how they had to cut features to make an affordable console is sickening. $100 for a 20GB HDD? Please. $100 for a wifi adapter? Stop it, you’re just insulting us.

      No, no. What’s going on here is that they’re still producing the core system at a loss, so they MUST charge exorbitant prices for these accessories so they can start thinking about making a profit on this thing.

      I also think $50 for a wireless controller is lame, but whatever.