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  • I’m so tired of Jack Thompson

    Posted on October 17th, 2005 Finster No comments

    But I’m going to comment on him anyway.

    Some of you may or not be aware of the current spat between BatJack and the National Institute on Media and the Family (NIMF). NIMF was also one of the most vocal groups complaining about the Hot Coffee mod.

    Well, in response to David Walsh’s (head of NIMF) denouncement of Jack Thompson, he responded (quoted from Gamespot),

    “I am a Christian. As far as I know, Dr. Walsh is as well,” Thompson wrote. “There is a very clear passage in the New Testament in which believers are admonished that if they have a problem with someone, to go to that person in private and try and work it out. He didn’t do that. He did not want to do that. What he wanted to do, it seems is ingratiate himself with some of the folks that fund his organization, so that he will continue to be considered ‘a responsible critic’–one who can be counted upon not to go too far with his criticism.”

    Mr. Thompson, did the Bible also tell you to call Gabe a pissant?

    Penny Arcade also has some interesting commentary posted up today. My favorite part is the part about VG Cats.

    UPDATE: Jack Thompson sics Seattle police on Penny Arcade. I guess free speech is overrated.

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