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  • Sony: not ALWAYS stupid

    Posted on November 2nd, 2005 Finster No comments

    I saw on IMDB (via EvilAvatar) that Warner Bros. will be releasing movies on UMD. Meh. Whatever. What really got my attention was this:

    Sony on Monday opened an online store where Japanese owners of the PSP can buy movies that can be downloaded to PSPs for about $9.00.

    Oh, REALLY? Not a bad idea at all. For the price of a single movie ticket (in most markets) you can legally own a movie which can be downloaded and watched on the PSP. Yes, of course Sony will pile on the DRM to keep the movies from being played on anything else, which will last all of a few hours before someone cracks it and allows you to burn these movies to writable DVD, or anything else that is a guaranteed right under Fair Use. The only catch here is that I buy most of DVD’s based on how many special features are included with the film. Yes, I listen to movie commentaries quite a bit, and I assume such features would not be available for your $9. But hey, still not a bad concept.

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