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  • I hate FilePlanet

    Posted on November 14th, 2005 Finster No comments

    Josh at Cathode Tan posted his recent experience trying to download the World of Warcraft trial from Fileplanet.

    I’m all about free stuff, and admittedly wanted to see what the fuss was, as I’ve downloaded a lot of different things from Fileplanet over the years.

    I have seen the enemy and it is Gamespy.

    For some strange reason, the download stops at 2.0 GB every time. And no, I’m not downloading to a FAT/FAT32 filesystem. NTFS should have no problem with a 2.7 GB file. At least, it’s never had any problems with my Linux distro DVD images before. I looked up their customer support and went through the various options. Let’s see… I was using a firefox browser. Well, what if I use Gamespy/IGN’s very own patented download manager? Same results. 2.0 GB and it just stops downloading. Hmm, not running any firewalls on my machine. I guess I could uninstall Symantec’s Corporate anti-virus client. Oh, wait… how about NO! Especially when I click a link that popped up on Gamespy’s Download Manager for a customer feedback survey that took me to the kind of website you’ve only seen when Gmail warns you of a phishing attempt.

    Forget this, I’m going home.

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