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  • Uwe Boll Watch: Interview at 1UP

    Posted on January 10th, 2006 Finster No comments has up an interview with movie genius Uwe Boll. Truly an articulate and intelligent interviewee:

    1UP: Though BloodRayne hasn’t officially screened for critics, there have been some select showings, one of which prompted a sharply negative review by Ain’t It Cool News, a site you previously told 1UP you read. Is that the response you were expecting?

    UB: no. HARRY and Quint are retards

    In case you didn’t know, in the past, Uwe Boll (arguably one of the most auspiciously bad movie directors, EVER) received financing from a laundry list of German financiers. Interestingly enough, German tax law had a loophole that allowed one to write off any expenses due to a horribly failed movie. So, naturally, rich German people found the worst producer possible, and gave him stacks and stacks of cash that they could then write-off. Well, turns out that starting this year, this particular tax loophole has been removed.

    1UP asked Uwe Boll about this.

    1UP: You’ve mentioned in other interviews that your next projects are already financed, but how will the recent change in German tax law affect later projects?

    UB: we will see

    Yes, indeed we will.

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