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  • WoW woes… or just whining

    Posted on January 10th, 2006 Finster No comments

    A lot of people have been complaining about login problems, and such.


    I have characters on 3 servers, all old servers and I always get the warning message about logging into a “full” server. I have YET to queue. At all. Ever. Even for a second. And I play on realms that have been around a LONG time, so don’t give me this “But you play on a new realm” garbage. Quit it.

    And I’m on dial-up. 56k modem goodness. On crappy phone lines.

    I download the patch painlessly from at work and a minute to install when I get home. I login to one of my characters and everything is relatively painless. The only headache has been with mods. I got hooked on a bunch of UI mods that got nuked with 1.9, but otherwise all has been well.

    So, I have a hard time understanding some of this incessant whining that INEVITABLY happens with EVERY SINGLE PATCH.

    My message to all of you:


    For the sake of the Internet, just stop it. The 99% of us that have NO problem with playing, logging in, etc. just want the rest of you to SHUT UP. Please, make good on your threats and go play EQ2/DDO/whatfreakingever and please just be quiet.

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