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  • Farmer Farming

    Posted on January 26th, 2006 admin No comments

    Collecting your own materials can be a risky business in WoW. First there’s the drop rates to consider, then there’s the population from which you have those drop rates. In some cases, this amounts to 1-2% off of mobs that are only in one place in the game. But the real problem? Goldfarmers.

    Popular methods of farmer annoyance aside, a friend of mine hit on a method that he used to drive the farmer from the site entirely.

    That’s right, Farmer Farming. He took out his 57 undead mage and flagged, killed a few elementals, and in no time, the farmer was primed for the attack. Changing from ‘non-agressor’ status to ‘Wahaha! you’re mine now!’ mode in the blink of an eye (Blueflagging, an unsavory method of getting the jump on your opponent in PvP, used primarily by: 12 year olds, 40 year olds with the minds of 12 year olds, and goldfarmers) The great bit? He had a rogue waiting in stealth. When that Farmer blueflagged him, they smeared the ground with his pasty Nelf pectorals.

    And he came back… and got smeared again… and again… again… again…
    But then he called in reinforcements.

    Thiings were looking rough for my friend… two 60s vs a 60 and a 57… both of them blueflagged. And got smeared.

    —6 times….

    Then they called in *more* reinforcements. *3* level 60 farmers.

    An hour of ‘Farmer Farming’ from when they started, mind you, they continued harvesting precious drops for their crafting all the while, there was no trace of the goldfarmers in the area anymore.

    With Blizzard unable, or unwilling to take action against Goldfarmers, This may be the solution the game needs. Go get your materials, and some honor kills too!

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