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  • MPAA admits to pirating a DVD

    Posted on February 1st, 2006 Finster No comments


    The MPAA copied a DVD of a movie recently shown at the Sundance Film Festival. This movie, titled This Film is Not Yet Rated, examines the MPAA’s film rating system and whether or not it discriminates against independent films.

    Basically, an MPAA lawyer admitted to copying the film, and then they showed it to some of their employees.

    The MPAA’s response:

    Kori Bernards, the MPAA’s vice president for corporate communications, told the Los Angeles Times: “We made a copy of Kirby’s movie because it had implications for our employees.”

    Bernards also claimed that Dick spied on members of the MPAA’s Classification and Rating Administration, including going through their dustbins and following them as they drove their children to school.

    “We were concerned about the raters and their families,” she said, adding that the MPAA’s copy of This Film Is Not Yet Rated is “locked away” and is not being copied or distributed.

    So, it’s okay to copy a DVD as long as it is “locked away” and is not being copied or distributed? Well, then why try to force everyone to use Macrovision? Shouldn’t I be able to back up my DVD collection as long as it is “locked away”?

    It would seem that the MPAA’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    I am so tired of crap like this. When will consumers no longer be forced into using invasive DRM? Sure, people are ticked off about the Sony rootkit now, give ’em a few years, and it will be back, and likely no one will ever notice.

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