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  • First, Standard HDD’s…

    Posted on March 23rd, 2006 Finster No comments

    Now, this?!?!

    During his keynote at GDC, titled “PlayStation 3: Beyond the Box”, SCE President Phil Harrison talked about the advantages of using Blu-ray Disc and pointed out that a dual layer Blu-Ray disc (50GB) has enough capacity to store all localized versions of a game. But this comment never led to suggest what was would be announced next.

    Following its keynote, Harrison revealed in a Q&A session with our PS3 channel that the PlayStation 3 will be region free for gaming. Due to the restrictions imposed by the AACS LA, movie playback will still be region locked like current DVDs but that won’t apply to PS3 titles.

    This announcement came as a total surprise and definitely something you won’t expect from Sony.


    There seems to be SOMEONE deep inside the bowels of Sony (or at least in their marketing dept.) that actually HAS A STINKING CLUE.

    So, let’s get this straight: The PS3 is going to have a standard 60GB hard drive (possibly loaded with linux if we dare trust Ken Kutaragi) and will be region-free with respect to gaming.

    Is it me, or is Sony releasing pre-modded versions of their next console?

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