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  • Xbox 360 E3: Day 1

    Posted on May 8th, 2006 Finster No comments

    5:55pm I am now home from work. I’m about to begin downloading E3 content from Xbox Live via my Xbox 360. My wife is rather annoyed, since she was trying to watch some episodes of Angel. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to download since the 360 doesn’t allow for background downloading or even queued downloading. This particular hole in their featureset is proving to be very annoying at this stage.

    6:00pm Logging into Xbox Live… Oh yeah! I’d forgotten that I had queued up the Stranglehold trailer when I had come home for lunch. I better watch it now.

    6:02pm Nice! Looks to be a video game version of John Woo’s Hong Kong flicks. It specifically made allusions to Hard-boiled. One of my personal faves!

    6:04pm Man, this downloading is going to take forever. I started downloading the Bullet Witch trailer. I have no idea what “Bullet Witch” is, but we’ll see… whenever the download finishes on my subpar 640k DSL connection.

    6:09pm Yawn… Guess I’ll go read some Order of the Stick while I wait.

    6:38pm Bullet Witch trailer finished… Meh. The trailer was all in Japanese, but the gameplay itself looked like the same crap you’ve seen in every other modern-day supernatural 3rd person shooter. Next up is the trailer for “Rain.” Time for more waiting…

    7:18pm Oops… fell asleep there for a minute… Rain trailer… Meh. What I really don’t like are game trailers that have a bunch of pre-rendered garbage and two seconds of gameplay. Kind of like this trailer. And the game play looked like a Splinter Cell clone with crappier graphics and a bunch of cliche zombie stuff going on.

    7:40pm Gah! I can’t handle this anymore… sitting around waiting for a bunch of crap to download, while unable to actually use the console in any way shape or form. Day 1 is over. Final Review: Meh. MEHHHHHHH.

    7:41pm Oh. Sounds like the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer just finished. Guess I’ll watch it before resuming viewing of Angel episodes. Something about Chaos Emeralds and Iblis Triggers. Maybe that means something to someone. Good thing they included it in the trailer, then. Wait, wha? Oh good… Shadow’s driving around vehicles with rocket launchers. Good job on continuing the cycle of crap, Sega. I’m done… until later then.

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