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  • Dell For The Lose!

    Posted on May 19th, 2006 Finster No comments

    South Dakota Political Blogger and Official TopOfCool Father, Radioactive Chief, provides some evidence as to why Dell has seen falling profits lately.

    When the package was received, Mrs. Chief was GREATLY dismayed to discover that the set up, AS SHIPPED BY DELL was totally unusable. It seemed that the Axim had MS Portable Windows 5, which REQUIRES Outlook 2003 to allow synchronization of the handheld with the desk computer. Dell thoughtfully provided a copy of Outlook 2002 with the package, which is, in the words of a Dakota farmer or rancher “Useless as teats on a boar!”

    Fascinating that Dell could be so dense. And what’s worse, is that Dell then REFUSED to provide compatible software. Instead, the product had to be returned and refunded.

    Nice job, Dell!

    But apparently, that wasn’t all.

    To add injury to insult, before we reached that impass, their tech support had suggested some configuration changes to Mrs. Chief’s computer (a Dell laptop) to try to get the setup to work. These had the result of rendering the computer unbootable! After a couple hours of further hassle, another Dell tech support was at least able to get the machine to run again – albeit with an outboard USB hard drive now being inoperable!

    Wow. Just… wow.

    I think this is what we at TopOfCool would rate as Bottom of Suck!

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