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  • My New Year’s Gaming Resolutions

    Posted on December 28th, 2006 Finster No comments

    It’s been a crazy holiday season for me, between visiting parents and having to unexpectedly pick up and move. I’ve finally had a few moments to mull over some things I’d like to accomplish gaming-wise in 2007. I know, pretty ambitious, eh?

    First, I’d like to finally finish the main storyline for Oblivion. I’ve put a TON of hours into the side quests and guild quests, but still have not finished the main storyline. I really need to do that.

    Second, I’m going to give my Dreamcast more love. My favorite console didn’t see much action in 2006. Most of the time will be dedicated to Grandia II and hopefully Skies of Arcadia (if I can ever find a copy). Ikaruga is always fun to go back to now and again. And if I feel like getting my butt kicked I’ll invite my friend over for some Marvel vs. Capcom, which I will attempt to pay back via Soul Calibur.

    Third, I’ll have Halo 3 at midnight on release day. This is just a reminder that for me, the video game year will revolve primarily around Halo 3. If it gets pushed back to 2008, I WILL shed tears. Tears of pain…

    Fourth, I resolve to play through the entire game ofBioshock without crapping my pants, having a heart attack, or pissing myself. If the creators of System Shock 2 do as well at making Bioshock fearsome as they did on System Shock 2, this one’s going to be a tough resolution to keep.

    Fifth, I’m going to finish Planescape: Torment, Baldur’s Gate (w/ expansion), or Baldur’s Gate II (w/ expansion). I’ve had these games sitting around for YEARS. I’ve played through significant portions of all of them, but never finished them. That’s going to change in 2007!

    Sixth, I need to play more Half-Life 2/Source mods. There’s a lot of good ones out there, now, but I just haven’t sat down and dedicated any time to them.

    Well, that pretty much sums it up. A lot of RPG’s up in 2007, hopefully. I find these are the easiest games to let sit, because they require such a huge investment of time and energy as opposed to a few quick pick-up games of my favorite shooter of the moment.

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