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  • Oh man, I Love Sameness

    Posted on June 28th, 2008 Finster No comments

    So, I’m watching the Diablo 3 gameplay video, right now. I can honestly say I wasn’t super excited about Diablo 3. I haven’t been eagerly anticipating it since I pretty much had played out Diablo 2 for a couple years after it was released. Good times…

    Very much like Starcraft 2, it looks like Blizzard is staying fairly true to the previous chapters of Diablo in terms of gameplay, at least. This was definitely a criticism of mine in regards to Starcraft 2. However, with Diablo 3, I think this is actually going to be a good thing.

    One of the main reasons I liked Hellgate: London (despite the game’s flaws and a poorly executed business model) was that I really felt like HGL captured the essence of playing Diablo 2. And I liked the gameplay in Diablo 2. In fact, after watching this (ZOMG WALL OF ZOMBIES! AWESOME!) I’m going to have to go dig out my Diablo 2 copies (if I can find them) and roll a couple new characters. (HOLY CRAP THAT BRUMAK LOOKING THING JUST RIPPED A GUY IN HALF!)

    I am seriously annoyed right now that I have to wait for Blizzard to release a WoW expansion and Starcraft 2 before I’ll even be CLOSE to playing this. It also bothers me when they release these gameplay videos, because just like Starcraft 2, it makes me think that the game is playable to the point of releasing soon.